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Taking an idea and running with it.

NuRun is a company that was founded on a simple idea: Better running apparel leads to a better running experience and, ultimately, better runners. And when you consider all of the benefits of running – everything from your physical fitness to your mental health – we’re talking about living a better life.

With that in mind, we’ve developed a line of running apparel for everyone from casual runners to marathoners. We’re also offering our Web site to the running community as a place where you can share your stories and insights with others runners.

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Running doesn’t have to be irritating.

You love running. Quite possibly, it’s a love that borders on fanaticism. So, chances are you don’t let a little thing like chafing bother you.

But that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. No doubt, you’ve tried the typical remedies– petroleum jelly, talcum powder, and adhesive bandages. All are helpful to a point. But, actually, the best remedy for chafing is to eliminate the source of friction – your clothes.

We’re not advocating running au naturel, of course. (The local authorities might have something to say about that.) Rather, we’re suggesting you take a good, long look at the new generation of high-performance running attire.

If you’ve been running for any length of time, you are well aware of the fact that cotton holds water. In fact, a typical cotton shirt can double its weight after a good run, and that makes cotton clothes heavy and more likely to stick to your skin.

Clothes made from advanced materials like CoolMax®, Silc®, and Micro-Poly™ microfiber polyester are a much better option. CoolMax is engineered to quickly channel perspiration away from your skin. It’s the fastest drying material available. Silc is a lightweight, breathable fabric that’s non-chafing and has the softness of silk. And Micro-Poly is a soft, ultra-lightweight material that wicks away moisture to keep you feeling light and cool when you run.

Check out our product page to see how we’ve incorporated these cutting-edge fabrics into our introductory line of shorts and shirts.